Many organizations profit hugely by utilizing a Project Management Office (PMO), it means they achieve benefits from standardizing and following project management policies, processes, and methods. However, building an effective PMO is a complex process; it requires clear vision and strong leadership so that, over time, it will become the source for guidance, documentation, and metrics related to the practices involved in managing and implementing projects.


Leading Successful PMOs will guide all project based organisations, and project managers who contribute to and benefit from a PMO, towards maximising their project success. In it, Peter Taylor outlines the basics of setting up a PMO and clearly explains how to ensure it will do exactly what you need it to do - the right things, in the right way, in the right order, with the right team.

Peter is also available to deliver workshops and coaching based on the book and his 8 years experience in leading three major PMOs.


With a foreword by Chris Walters, Chairman of the PMOSIG, where he states 'Peter's book breaks new ground in looking at the leadership of PMOs' and 'This book reflects on PMO leadership topics based on Peter's extensive experience in inventing and reinventing PMO functions in fast moving organisations. If you need a PMO (which you do, if you deliver projects) and you really care about your business (which I also assume you do), then you need a strong PMO leader. Reading this book will give you a fantastic vision for the role and the person that would fill it'.

For years there has been an inaccurate view that PMOs define and maintain project management standards. This view has led to untold PMO difficulties. The PMO in whatever shape or form is entirely about leadership and achievement. Kudos to Peter Taylor for spotlighting this and bringing us this practical reference.

Mark Price Perry, Founder, BOT International and author, Business Driven PMO Setup and Business Driven PPM.

Finally a book for current and aspiring PMO leaders. While any practitioner worth his or her salt knows that the soft skills are what makes or breaks PMO leaders, too many organizations select their project leaders based on technical expertise. Whether you are charged with selecting the next PMO leader, aspiring to be one, or simply struggling to rise to the challenge of your leadership position Peter Taylor's insightful new work,

Leading Successful PMOs, will help set you on a focused path to leadership and success. J. LeRoy Ward, Executive Vice President, ESI International.